Harvesting the Historic Marion Vineyard - Vintage 2017

Vintage 2017 has finally reached the suburbs of Adelaide with the historic Marion Vineyard harvested today. A long, slow growing season has pushed harvest dates back by around three weeks, but fruit quality is excellent with amazing colour already showing in the pre-fermented juice. The single hectare vineyard is expected to yield seven tonnes of Grenache and one tonne of Shiraz.

Each year the fruit from these old vines is crushed at Patritti's suburban winery in Dover Gardens, where it is then crafted into the award winning Patritti Marion Vineyard Grenache Shiraz wine. After spending time maturing in oak it is anticipated the 2017 vintage will be bottled in the second half of 2018.

"The unseasonably cool summer with higher than average rainfall has been a blessing for these old vines and it shows in the fruit we are picking today. Intense colour and concentrated flavours are precursors for a great wine, and this is what we are seeing in the vineyard. Only time will tell how good the resulting wine is, but we don't interfere too much with this wine, so it is looking positive." says Patritti's winemaker, James Mungall.

About Marion Vineyard

Planted in 1907, Marion Vineyard is the oldest commercial urban vineyard in the world. The 1,650 Grenache and Shiraz vines remain on their original rootstocks, and the vineyard has not been irrigated in over a decade.

The City of Marion was once known as the 'Garden of Adelaide', with rich fertile soils ideal for market gardens, orchards and vineyards. Only a few vineyards remain; the most significant of these is the world famous, council owned, Marion Vineyard. At 110 years old, the vines are a reminder of the district and the quality of the produce it was once famous for. In 2006 the City of Marion decided that the last operational winery in the area, Patritti, should be given the responsibility of caring for the vineyard. We take our custodianship of this precious historical site with great pride.

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