Patritti Pop-up Cellar Door in the Historic Marion Vineyard

Honouring the agricultural history of the greater area of Marion, the Patritti Marion Vineyard Grenache Shiraz is crafted from the old vines in the historic Marion Vineyard.

The City of Marion was once known as the 'Garden of Adelaide', with rich fertile soils ideal for market gardens, orchards and vineyards. Only a few tiny vineyards remain; the most significant of these is the world famous, council owned Marion Vineyard. Over 100 years old, the vines are a reminder of the district and the quality of the produce it was once famous for. In 2006 the City of Marion decided that the last operational winery in the area, Patritti, should be given the responsibility of caring for the vineyard. We take our custodianship of this precious historical site with great pride.

In conjunction with International Grenache Day, Patritti will launch the 2015 vintage of the Patritti Marion Vineyard Grenache Shiraz by opening a pop-up cellar door amongst the old vines.

Event Details
Friday 16 September 2016, 4.00 to 6.00pm
Marion Vineyard
Oaklands Road, Park Holme

Members of the public are invited to wander through the vines, mingle with Patritti's winemakers, James Mungall and Ben Heide and enjoy a glass of this special wine.

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