2016 Jimmy's Hat Savagnin Verdelho Pinot Gris

2016 Jimmy's Hat Savagnin Verdelho Pinot Gris

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Adelaide Hills

There are many colourful characters who are part of the Patritti story. One such individual was Cristiano Bissacca, affectionately known as Jimmy, who worked and lived at the winery back in the early days. When the Patritti kids were running around the winery getting up to mischief, Jimmy had a way of dealing with them. He would take off his old wide brimmed hat and fling it at them with deadly accuracy - you certainly didn't want to get hit by Jimmy's Hat.

Years later, while working on a new wine blend and reminiscing about Jimmy, a glass slid across the table on its own, right before our eyes. Was this a sign from Jimmy?...approving of the new blend? We think so!

An eclectic blend of Savagnin, Verdelho and Pinot Gris this is a layered and complex wine with lanolin, vibrant citrus and white peach. The palate is seamless with smooth integration of the three varieties. The lingering finish draws you back for more.

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